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Louise RogersOver the years I have experimented with various training methods and I find some things work for me more than others. I really enjoy volume training! Plus I still enjoy the odd heavy training session, although I limit my heavy work outs now as I have built enough muscle.

Frequency of Training: 5 days per week off season... when competing I train 7 days per week. Not necessarily all weight training. I incorporate cardio, track and field work, kettle bell training and even kick boxing into my training. I like variety!

General off season split:This changes regularly because I periodize my training throughout the year to target specific areas - for example I will go through strength phases and power phases etc. However in terms of prioritizing my work outs I always tend to train back and quads towards the beginning of the week.

Competition Training: (this isn't as straight forward as it appears because I incorporate various methods when training to up the intensity of my work outs, but my general split looks like this).

Cardio Training: I incorporate two short cardio work outs which consist of power walking, cross training or kick boxing. I never do more than one hours cardio a day - and that is only normally in my final 4 weeks before a competition. I prefer to rely on a carefully planned diet to lean me up for competition. I tend to complete one session before breakfast and one session after my weight training.